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The Winter Reset is my signature group program to provide powerful holistic support for your mind, body, and emotions during the challenging winter months. Join our community of like-minded individuals and learn the power of self-healing with nutrition, lifestyle medicine, aromatherapy, herbal support, supplements, yoga, breathwork, and meditation in achieving greater vitality. This program is specifically designed to help you thrive during the darkest days of winter. Don't miss out!

Ready to rise above the winter blues?

The Winter Reset

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With the Winter Reset, you can say goodbye to the winter blues and hello to a season filled with better moods, energy, immunity, and joy. Humans Can Heal founder Jen Bruce knows all too well the struggles of this season, which is why she developed this program to help others find happiness and thrive. Through nutrition and lifestyle practices specifically tailored for people who find winter challenging, you too can make friends with this magical season.

Rediscover the Joy of Winter
Jen Bruce


Feeling good from the inside out, even during the darkest days of winter.

Better Health

Strengthened Immunity

Less Cravings

Personal Empowerment

Balanced Energy

Balanced Energy Levels

Improved Mood

Better Moods

Clear Thinking

Positive Outlook

Quality Sleep

Quality Sleep

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If you struggle through the winter months, it's not a 'disorder', it's a lack of relationship to the season that can improve with holistic skills.

Before modern technology, humans lived in synchronicity with the seasons for 1000's of years.


We understood that we are part of nature and lived accordingly with the seasons.


Overcoming the seasonal struggles of winter is a process of attunement to the natural rhythm of life that modern technology has separated us from.  


We aren't meant to be living the same way in January as we do in July.


In this 5 week group program, you will learn how to live in harmony with the winter season, and how this can alleviate the common struggle of seasonal depression, anxiety, fatigue, and lowered immunity.


It's a mind-body-spirit approach to better mental health and seasonal wellness. The program emphasizes critical elements that are usually overlooked in traditional therapy, and in the conventional medical model.

This program focuses on properly relating to the winter season through nutrition and traditional lifestyle practices, allowing our mind and body to reawaken to it's own winter cycle of inner healing, restoration and peace. 


Payment Plans Available

Learn how to overcome the winter blues in just 5 weeks!

  • Weekly Skill Building Modules
  • 5 Live Coaching Calls with Jen
  • Kundalini yoga, breathwork and meditations
  • Winter Wellness Manual
  • Medicinal Foods 
  • Recipe Guide and 21 Day Meal Plan
  • Herbal Medicine Education
  • Aromatherapy Education
  • Supplement Education
  • Healthy Home Checklist
  • DYI Lab Testing Guide
  • Unlimited Messaging Support
  • 20% Discount on Clinical Grade Supplements
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Winter Reset Program

Join The Winter Reset

Spaces are limited. We begin January 8th, 2024!


In order to provide the best possible program, every participant is screened before they join.

1. Schedule a call.

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2. Talk to me.

We'll discuss your unique circumstances and conditions.

3. Get an Invite

If you are a good candidate for this program, you'll be invited to join the Winter Reset.

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Thank you for joining our journey.

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