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   The Wisdom Warrior Sessions

March 27th - April 20th 2024

A Series of 8 Workshops to Learn the Art  and Science of Psychedelic-Assisted Healing

Learn About the Series Here

Reclaim Your Birthright to Health

Earlybird pricing is only $189 until March 16th!
March 17th price increases to $269.

“This workshop series taught me what I needed to know ot overcome my life-long depression. I had never had a true understanding of my depression before this workshop series. I have finally found a way through the fog."

Brainna L.

Psychedelics can open the door to deep healing where sometimes nothing else can, but we must support our mind-body-heart as a whole system to keep this door open.

You see, psychedelics work in highly intelligent ways to heal and restore our wellbeing mentally, emotionally, and physically so that we can experience connection to our spirit.
Psychedelic plants and fungi heal the body, mind, and heart simultaneously, because they understand the indivisible nature of the mind-body-heart system that is the physical make-up of all human beings.

But guess what? Due to industrialisation and capitalism, humans in Western culture have been disconnected from this wisdom, which is why so many people are suffering today in a way that mainstream medical approaches aren't able to 'cure'.


We have forgotten that we have the innate ability to heal lying dormant in every cell of our body, just waiting for the conditions to be right to activate.

Psychedelics have the potential to unlock our ability to heal,  but if we approach them from the  western mindset of 'the pill for every ill', and without the holistic tools needed to properly prepare for and maintain our ability to heal and thrive, the progress that psychedelics can offer us will be fleeting at very best.

If we want psychedelics to improve our lives and our health, there is more to do than just taking the medicine and processing the insights we may receive.

The art and science of healing with psychedelics is a partnership, one where we must meet the medicine at the intersection of effort and understanding.

We need to know how our mind-body-heart system works if we want to get to the root causes of our aliments so that we can truly experience lasting healing and transformation.

In this series of 8 workshops from March 27th - April 20th, we will cover the following topics and explore what a COMPLETE system of psychedelic-assisted healing looks like for the most common health problems people come to psychedelics for:


Session 1 : Genetics

Although genetics play an important role in many mental and physical health conditions, genes are not our destiny! We will learn what role genetics play, how their expression can change, and how psychedelics can support the change of genetic expression. We will cover how to support our genes as part of the integration process.


Session 2 : Stress

We will examine what the symptoms of trauma look like compared to the criteria for psychiatric medical diagnosis. We will look at the connection between stress and genetics. We will discuss where the ability of  psychedelics to heal trauma begins and ends, and what else needs to be done in partnership with psychedelics to find lasting benefit.


Session 3 : Nutrition

Nutrition is required for vitality and healing from all chronic conditions. We will look at the genetics and brain chemistry associated with the most common conditions people come to psychedelics for, and how nutrition plays a key role in better psychedelic journeys and  for improved  long-term  recovery.


Session 4 : Circadian Health

Our circadian clock is the internal biological cycle that exists in every cell of our body. A healthy circadian rhythm is required for mental health, healing from trauma, or overcoming any chronic health condition. We will look at how psychedelics can reset our delicate biological balance and how to support this reset with good circadian health.


Session 5 : Gut Health

Gut health is inseparable from mental health and strong immunity. We will explore how gut health becomes damaged, how psychedelics can heal our gut, and how this relates to how we can heal chronic mental and physical health conditions. We will also discover how to support our gut health as a vital part of the integration process.


Session 6 : Immunity

 Learn the different physical illnesses to screen for when embarking on a healing journey to overcome mental health challenges, and which plant medicines can heal physical health conditions. We will learn the connection between the immune system, the nervous system and how to address both for better outcomes.


Session 7 : Inflammation

Inflammation is a root cause of all chronic health conditions. The western lifestyle is inherently inflammatory. The link between depression and inflammation is powerful. Learn which psychedelic medicines are anti-inflammatory, and the vital role of adopting an anti-inflammatory lifestyle as part of the integration process is.


Session 8 : Isolation

We are genetically coded to live in tribes. If we are going through life alone, it has a major impact on our genes. There is a loneliness epidemic in today's modern world. Learn the impact of isolation on physical and mental health and the biological importance of   community as part of the healing journey and the integration process.

Who is this workshop series for?

This workshop series is for anyone looking to begin or deepen their healing from stress-related health conditions such as:

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • addiction

  • trauma

  • burnout

  • chronic fatigue

  • fibromyalgia

  • autoimmune

  • other chronic health problems

This series is also for any professionals in the western or holistic healthcare or coaching professions looking to learn more about psychedelic-assisted healing to better support those they serve such as:

  • doctors

  • integration coaches

  • naturopaths

  • functional medicine practitioners

  • medicine providers

  • ketamine clinic owners

  • nutritionists

  • therapists

  • counselors

  • psychiatrists

  • health coaches

  • life coaches

  • yoga teachers

  • addiction counselors

  • trauma professionals

Experienced psychonauts,  as well as the psychedelic-curious will greatly benefit from the information that will be shared through this series, as well as those wanting to learn how to self-heal thought nutrition and lifestyle medicine (psychedelics are not required for healing).

What do I get with this workshop series?

Throughout this workshop series, we will examine the root causes of the most common mental and physical health conditions people come to psychedelics for, and how to create a holistic ecosystem through nutrition and lifestyle practices that powerfully support improved and more predictable results from psychedelic therapies.

Previously, this workshop series was only available through one of the leading psychedelic integration coach training programs in the industry.

This program was almost a year long, and cost thousands of dollars.

Only a few high-end psychedelic retreat centers in the world offer the approach to holistic health that you will learn about in this series.

What I teach in this series is not being taught anywhere else and is on the cutting edge of psychedelic therapy. 

The resounding feedback from the 100's of students that went through this workshop series was that the information contained within these sessions should be the foundational training of all psychedelic coach training programs and it's how every psychedelic clinic should be supporting their clients.

Many people reached out to tell me that the information shared in this workshop series changed their life, and helped them to finally find the path forward on their own or a loved one's healing journey.

So, in addition to the amazing curriculum, you also get a great deal!

I am offering this series for the very low cost of $189 at the early bird rate until March 16th because I believe everyone deserves to know how to heal. Before human health became an 'industry,' this knowledge would have simply been passed down from one generation to the next. 

What's Included:


8 Two-Hour Live Workshops via Zoom


Access to Workshop Recordings for 60 Days


PDF Resource Guide for Each Topic 


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Bonus #1: Intro to Kundalini Yoga Class Series 


Bonus #2: 21 Day Whole Foods Meal Plan w/Recipes and Shopping Guide


Bonus #3: Herbal Nervous System Support Guide


Workshop Logistics

We meet for workshops every Thursday from 5-7 pm PST and every Saturday from 9:30-11:30 am PST March 27th - April 20th live via ZOOM.
There will be a lecture followed by Q&A for each class.

All workshops will be recorded and uploaded within 24 hours if you can't make the live session.

The Wisdom Warrior Sessions

March 26th - April 20th 2024

Early bird pricing is only $189 through March 16th!

Price increases to $269 March 17th.

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Thank you for joining our journey.

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